Let me burst your bubble here and inform you that most of the products that we use have animal products in them, one way or other.

We use so many products in our daily lives. But most of us don’t have the slightest idea about what they are made of.

Here are some products that you probably had no idea were made from animal ingredients.

1. Did you know your cool tattoos have glycerin in their ink?

Tattoo inks use a variety of animal products in their making. These include glycerin which is derived from animal fat to stabilize the ink and bone char which is obtained from burned animal bones to achieve the darkest shade of black. Even though there are vegan options to obtain glycerin now, animal fat is still easier to access. Gelatin is also used in tattoo inks as a binding agent and is made from animals hooves. I’m guessing none of this was voluntary from the animal’s point of view.

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2. Did you know ‘gum base’ in chewing gums is actually gelatin?

Chewing gums contain a common ingredient known as gelatin. The skin, tendons, ligaments and bones of pigs and cows are boiled in water to obtain this substance. Manufacturers usually list out ‘gum base’ as an ingredient to avoid naming all the animal fats that were used in the making of chewing gum.


If you read the words ‘dihydrogenated tallow dimethyl ammonium chloride’ listed as one of the ingredients used in your fabric softener, you might want to change your brand. Cattle, sheep and horse fat is boiled down and mixed with ammonium to make this and this is what gives your clothes the ‘extra softness’ that we all want.


4. Do you know you’re brushing your teeth with toothpaste which has glycerin extracted from animal fat?

This is literally the first product used by people every day. But what you might not be aware of is that most toothpastes get their texture from glycerin which is obtained from boiling animal bones to obtain its fat. It’s almost like you’re brushing your teeth with fresh, minty lard. That neem daantun looks tempting now, doesn’t it?

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5. Do you know your shimmery make-up products have fish scales in them?

Most nail paints have an ingredient called guanine in them which derived from fish scales. This is what gives nail paints their shimmery look. This ingredient is used in lipstick making. Think twice before buying cosmetics, eh?


6. Do you know plastic bags have animal fat in them?

Plastic bags aren’t just harmful to the environment but also to animals. Imagine carrying around a bag which is actually made of animal fat. This is done to provide the bags with surface lubrication. Carrying your own cloth bags when you go shopping doesn’t sound like a bad idea now, right?


7. Do you know the latest ‘keratin treatment’ is obtained from hooves of animals?

Do you want to get the latest keratin treatment for your hair? You might want to think twice now since keratin is obtained from hooves, horns and animal hair. Depending on the manufacturer’s demand, turtle shells, claws or scales are also used in keratin which further gives your hair that perfect look.


8. Do you know some candles are made from oil of sperm whales?

Some candles have sperm oil in them which is fat obtained from sperm whales or dolphins. Imagine what the poor sea creatures must be wondering when human beings are trying to jerk them off. Buying fragrant candles doesn’t sound very romantic now.


9. Do you know your favourite cologne gets its fragrance from animals?

Everybody loves smelling awesome, right? But what if you find out that these lovely smelling products actually get their musk from animals. And guess where animals have their scent sacs? In their ass area. Be careful the next time you get too close to someone smelling nice. 


10. Do you know your bathing soap too has animal fat in it?

Everyone’s go-to product to clean themselves actually contains glycerin and casein which are both derived from animals. Not so clean now, eh?

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11. Do you know crayons get their smell from a hard fatty animal substance?

The smell of crayons definitely make all of us nostalgic. But did you know crayons have an ingredient called tallow, or processed beef which is the reason for that smell. 

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Most manufacturers don’t need to list out all the compounds used in the product and that leads us to buy products which we might consider unethical.  

You should know what you’re using.