Wild animals generally don’t bond with anyone other than their own species. However, whenever it happens, we see some special bonds which set some friendship goals for us.


We recently saw something similar in a Belgian zoo, called Pairi Daiza zoo, where a family of orangutans have formed a special bond with their neighbouring otters.

Bored Panda

According to CNN, the two groups came together after the zoo allowed some Asian otters’ river to run through the orangutans’ area. Ujian, Sari and their son Bernai certainly didn’t mind the company of a few otters.


The heartwarming photos show the orangutans playing with the adorable little creatures. The zoo authorities claim that it’s of great value to their mental wellbeing, especially for the apes who must be entertained, challenged and kept busy mentally, emotionally and physically at all the times.


The orangutans were moved from Germany to the Pairi Daiza zoo in 2017. The otters also really enjoy getting out of the water on the orangutan island to go and play with their new friends.