Animals are one of the most compassionate and selfless species. So, there are cultures and traditions which acknowledge that and celebrate these kind beings. 

So, here are some festivals across the globe that celebrate animals : 

1. Kukur Tihar Festival (Nepal) 

This 5-day festival is the Nepali equivalent of Diwali. But, Kukur Tihar which is also known as the Day of the dogs is celebrated on the second day of the festival. On this day, every dog in the country is worshipped with fresh flower garlands and great food. They are also blessed with a tika which is made of red powder, yoghurt and grains of rice.  


2. Monkey Buffet Festival (Thailand) 

Held at the end of November, this festival is celebrated every year in Angkor Wat Khmer ruins. The festival is to celebrate and cherish monkeys. In their honour sweets, soft drinks, vegetables, and fruits (especially bananas) are set up over temples for over thousands of them who reside there. 

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3. Fiesta de la Trashumancia (Spain) 

Every year in the autumn season herds of sheep migrate from one area to another. To celebrate this seasonal livestock migration, an annual event takes place that involves singing and dancing before sheep and shepherds who lead their livestock across the city.


4. Velas Turtle Festival (India)

Every year, the endangered Olive Ridley turtles arrive at the Velas beach in Ratnagiri around Feb to March and lay their eggs. Hundreds of people gather around the beach at the same time to conserve these eggs so they could hatch. Thousands of eggs hatch at the same time and that view is spectacular.  


5. Golden Retriever Festival (Scotland)

This festival which is also called the Guischan Gathering is held annually by the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland. For this event, owners and their golden retrievers travel from around the world and reach at the ancestral home of the breed. From competitions to dancing, everything can be seen at this festival and there’s nothing better than that. 


6.  Birds of Chile Festival (Chile) 

This 4-day festival is celebrated every year in October. It celebrates the diversity and the beauty of the birds in Chile. Several bird lovers take part in a series of excursions and talks featuring bird experts. 

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7. Surin Elephant Round-Up (Thailand) 

This annual festival which takes place in the Surin province of Isan is a unique way to celebrate the relationship between elephants and humans. During this event floats with food for these gentle giants are provided. There are also cultural performances, entertaining shows and food for all the spectators to enjoy. 


8. Pushkar Camel Fair (India) 

Held in Rajasthan every November, this festival is entirely dedicated to celebrating local culture and traditions and of course, camels. The annual gathering is a chance for traders to show off their camels and livestock. For this festival both people and camels sport colourful and vibrant attires and take part in various competitions and dance to folk music.  


Love how the world celebrates animals.