You know what’s unbearably painful for any animal lover? Losing a pet that becomes part of their family.

Gregg Favre, a firefighter by profession posted a heart-warming tweet about the loss of his beloved doggo named Bella who he had rescued 11 years ago. In the post, he shares some of the best moments he shared with Bella and we think it is incredibly sweet. 

He also posted a poem that he wrote for Bella and recited to her whenever they went for a walk for the last four months while she was fighting cancer. 

Gregg went on to post a series of tweets explaining the inseparable bond he shared with Bella and how she was one of the best things that happened to him.

He tearfully remembers all the great adventures they had together and all the fun walks they went on. He also goes on to say that life changed over the years but their routine remained the same. 

Of course, Gregg is sad but he is always going to cherish the wonderful times he spent with his beloved pet doggo, Bella. 

Bella might have passed away, but she will always be Gregg’s favourite. Here’s a short clip of a poem that Greg wrote for his pet doggo. This cute video clip will definitely make you shed a tear. 

Other animal lovers could relate to everything that Gregg shared on Twitter so they also stepped in, to share their experiences about how they felt when their pet passed away. 

Thanks Gregg for reminding us that our pets will always have a special place in our heart. RIP Bella!