A few days ago, Mexico was rocked by an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the richter scale. Over 200 people have been confirmed dead while many are missing and still lost in the rubble. The rescue operations are on in full flow to rescue survivors from under the debris.

The solidarity shown by the people of Mexico is commendable. But apart from all the personnel deployed, there is one rescuer who is winning hearts around the world. 

Meet Frida.

Frida is not your regular dog. She is part of the Canine Unit of SEMAR (Mexico’s Navy).

Frida has been trained as a rescue dog.

During missions, she puts on proper gear from goggles to shoes and ensures that she is well-equipped for any dangers she may encounter while she enters the debris.

Since she can enter places that humans can’t, she also carries a camera on her harness to help rescue forces see areas that are otherwise inaccessible. 

In her time as a rescue dog, the Labrador has already helped rescue over 50 people.

12 of these rescues were during the current rescue operation after the huge earthquake. 

Her efforts prove one thing – dogs really are man’s best friend.

While our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Mexico, here’s a big shoutout to Frida. She reminds us all not just to be brace, but to also be kind to animals. Because they’re always kind to us.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear 4 shoes and goggles.