Remember the Malaysian businesswoman who gave her 4-year-old cat a necklace worth Rs. 4 Lakh for her birthday? Or the couple who showed off the palace they built for their dog? 

Similarly, in another episode of pets having a more lavish life than us, we have a couple that built a two-storey mansion for their golden retriever! There is also a TV set and personal area for the pet within the house.

Source: Twitter

The pet owner gave a tour of the innovative dog house in a TikTok video. The woman said that her husband gave their pet dog a house similar to the one they reside in. This dog home is equipped with all of the essentials for their pet. There is a personal TV for the dog, as well as his bed and a Christmas tree, since the festival is approaching. 

Source: Twitter

Not only that, but the dog also has his own refrigerator, where he keeps his food, snacks, and other goods. The house is so well-designed that it receives enough of light and air.

In the home, a slide has been installed for the dog to descend from the room above. The video of the dog home has already received millions of views. 

Source: Twitter

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So hey doggo, just wanna know if you're looking for a roomie? *wink*