Ever wondered how different your life would have been if you were bunking with your BFF during these tough times? Well, we found these two golden retriever best buds hanging out together during the lockdown to give you an idea. 

Lizzie and Bear are each other’s best furry friends forever and their aesthetic and adorable posts on Instagram are giving us some major BFF goals. 

Don’t believe us? We’ve compiled their cutest and most fun picture. We’re sure you won’t be able to stop gushing over them!

Henlo hooman, give us a quick paw-5 !

I’m going to give my BFF a dose of kissi bombs just for existing in my life!

Sometimes best furry friends forever also like to twin in fancy-funky stuff & pose for the ‘Gram just like hoomans: 

And don’t miss out on our super boop-e-licious snouts! 

Sometimes when life is messy, we just like to cuddle together: 

And sometimes we just like to look outside and judge the birds and flies trying to trespass on our hooman’s lawn!

I mean these adventurous goldilock BFFS with their aesthetics are making us want to make travel plans with our BFFs right away!

When you and your BFF desperately want to go out but it’s still the lockdown: 

Nothing to look here, just two BFFs casually chilling together:

BRB, calling my BFF to tell them how much I love and miss them!