In a brilliant rescue operation, the Animals Friend Team in Surat managed to save a dog’s life by picking it up from the balcony of the 5th floor of a godown.

The dog could be spotted sitting on an open balcony in the Aashirwad Market for 3 days. Which means it was probably starving. Not to mention, one wrong step and it would have fallen down from that height.

Instagram/Viral Bhayani

The animal rescue team reached the location just in time and got the dog inside with the help of a rope. In the video, they can be seen with half their bodies outside the window. 

For a long time, they tried to get the dog to give them its hands. However, the animal was probably exhausted and couldn’t do it.

Instagram/Viral Bhayani

That is when they put a loop of rope around and got it inside.

The video was shared on Instagram by Viral Bhayani, and has a lot of positive responses for the men who took it upon themselves to save the animal.

In a world where there are constant violations of animal rights, it’s so pleasant to witness this.

H/T: Instagram/Viral Bhayani