An adorable picture of a rescue doggo cuddling with his bowl while peacefully sleeping in his forever home has melted the internet’s heart and we cannot stop gushing over it. 

Neville, the 10-year-old pupper is a Jack Russel terrier mix who was rescued by the local volunteers from wandering the streets.

Two years ago, Susanne, his now pet-parent found him on the local rescue center’s website, instantly fell in love with him and stood for three hours outside the center to start the adoption process.

In an up-close interview with The DoDo, she mentions: 

 I queued for three hours outside the center to ensure I was the first to register my interest, and we bonded the moment we clapped eyes on each other. 
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Susanne who knew nothing about Neville’s past could sense that he had a traumatic one. Initially, Neville would compete for food and would eat from his pupper brother’s bowl. 

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It was only when his mom trained him to use his food bowl, that it became Neville’s most priced possession and his best friend. 


This heartwarming picture of Neville holding on to his bowl speaks volumes about how grateful he is to Susanne for all the love, food, shelter and the second  life that she has provided. 

I think he just never had one of his own and now realizes he finally has one and is guaranteed a reliable source of decent, nutritious food. He just seems so heartbreakingly grateful for a simple bowl. I think it represents comfort and home for him. 


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Netizens react to this wholesome picture of Neville holding on to his bowl while sleeping: 

Let this powerful picture be a reminder of how grateful a rescue can be when you give them a new life. #AdoptDontShop.