If you have a dog at home, we’re sure you’re protective about your little pup. No matter how much they grow up in size, you’ll always look at them as puppies. The way they get excited on seeing you after a long day, and the puppy dog eyes they make when they want something melts your heart every single time. And with all the love you have for them comes the responsibility to take care of them and well, their diet is an extremely important part of it.

Pet owner’s know the pain of refusing baked goodies to their pooch solely because it could turn out to be unhealthy. The conflict between the puppy dog eyes and the concern for the pet’s health can be absolutely heartbreaking. But then again, our pets deserve all the treats, don’t they? 

Akanksha Arora, a chef by profession and a pet baker by passion, is on a mission to make sure your pooch gets all the treats without compromising on health. The young chef has come up with a bakery, Barker’s Dozen, that makes treats especially for your pet!

They offer pet treats and cakes with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. They also make special cakes for pet parties like gluten free tarts with mince meat filling and even pup brownies. You heard it, brownies too! 

They are made with human grade ingredients which means pet parents can try it too. This means you can now enjoy a brownie with your pooch without worrying for their health.

Look at this good boy with his birthday cake! Looks like he can’t wait for the first slice.

Akanksha realized the need for a bakery for pets after her pet’s untimely death. Speaking to Scoopwhoop, she said:

After my pet’s untimely death, I didn’t want pet parents to feed unhealthy things in the name of treats and cakes to their pets because they are unavailable. I also figured out the vacuum in the market for healthy, preservative-free pet treats, goodies and cakes.

 Telling us about how the idea came about, she says:

“I learnt how to make pet treats for my pet child, Tiger. When I saw that he loved it, I knew I had passed the most important test. I slowly replaced his evening snack with these treats after which they were given for testing and okay-ed by vets. By this time, I had introduced the treats to the other pets in my family. Looking at this, pet parents soon began contacting me. Once they had their doubts cleared about ingredients, they placed trial orders. At this point, I decided that this will be my passion project and that is how Barker’s Dozen came about.”

The bakery takes extreme care to not add preservatives or artificial colouring in the treats. And guess what? You can actually get the treats customized according to your dog’s dietary needs! 

A gourmet bakery just for your pet child sounds like a wonderfully healthy idea, doesn’t it?