A couple of days ago, a mamma leopard gave birth to a healthy litter in a small hut located in a quaint village of Nashik. 

Twitter; ANI

In a recent heartwarming video that has surfaced on the internet, the mamma leopard is seen carrying her four cubs from the hut to the jungle the one-by-one. 

The video captures the patience with which the mamma leopard is shifting her cubs back into their natural habitat as the little ones squeak and wander around the manmade hut.  

According to Forest Officer Tushar Chavan, the leopard choose the village instead of the forest to give birth because of the ongoing monsoon season.  

The forest area is usually wet and cold during this season and mamma leopard wanted what was best for her cubs, a comforting dry place. 

The forest department is currently surveying mamma leopard’s moves to ensure that she doesn’t run into any troubles with shifting her cubs to their natural habitat. 

Leopards normally have the tendency to sleep in the day and hunt at night. But this leopardess does the opposite. She feeds in the night when her cubs are awake and hunts during the day time. She has been very gentle and she did not harm the forest department team or the villagers. 

– Forest Officer Tushar Chavan

Netizens reaction to this soothing video is just so wholesome: 

The mutual understanding between the villagers and mamma leopard proves as a heartwarming instance of how we can peacefully coexist with nature and animals.