PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, isn’t what it seems to be.

Over the years, the animal rights organisation has been hailed as one of the best across the world. Animal lovers have praised their tireless rescue and foster efforts since 1980.

With extensive advertising, explicit photo shoots and heavy use of media to convey their “messages”, PETA has sure become really famous. But why do they always use scantily dressed women to address serious issues?

For example, this looks more like a glamorized damsel-in-distress fashion shoot. Why is an actress being used instead of a real elephant?


What is this? Why?

Umm, why is this brand ambassador dressed like a stripper?


Despite the doubts, no one would dream or dare to challenge the power brand.

But the truth isn’t always what you expect. Sometimes, we figure it out with some shockers. PETA has been answering a lot of questions lately about its actual treatment of animals. 

With all kinds of disturbing allegations against the welfare giant coming through, one really starts losing faith in the system. Is PETA just pretending to be the flag bearer of compassion and kindness towards all creatures or is it just another gimmicky business monopoly to fool people?


No one knows. But this one guy, a YouTube vlogger, did try to shed light on Twitter regarding the inner secrets of the trade. Is it all about an images or profits? Do we blindly believe in a sham?

What’s the truth? Judge for yourself.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?