These days, we’ve all turned to the internet for information, distraction, or simply for something that would put a smile on our faces. 

And what’s better than adorable animal videos? You’d be glad to know that Tourism Australia’s Instagram handle is packed with them and is going to smitten you with love and virtual hugs.

There’s no denying that Australia is well-known for its amazing wildlife experiences so while you watch a lady cuddle a kangaroo, we’re certain you’re going to daydream about going and personally saying Hi! 

1. Yes! Thank you for the virtual hugs. *teary-eyed*

All we need is love and more love! The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs is where several orphaned kangaroos are rescued and rehabilitated and all they have is cuddles to give us! 

2. Belly rubs for the win! 

Wolverine the koala, who lives at Queensland’s Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, lives a ‘no worries’ lifestyle. His favourite way to unwind? A nice, long belly rub from a loved one! 

3. Reminds me of myself snoozing all my alarms in the morning.

This cutesy little quokka from Western Australia’s Rottnest Island is proving to us that everyone deserves to sleep in once in a while

4. Boops from doggos are the best, even if they’re sea doggos.

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Although she’s rather modest, Sally has always been the best bubble blower in her colony 😊 @nicol.wright met this bubble blowing extraordinaire on a @calypsostarcharters ‘Swim with the Sea Lions’ tour in @southaustralia’s @port_lincoln. This part of the @eyrepeninsula is renowned for its marine life experiences, which also include swimming with wild dolphins, whale watching and cage diving with great white sharks. P.S. There’s still a couple of weeks left to squeeze in a swim with these playful sea lions in #SouthAustralia before the water gets too chilly, @calypsostarcharters operate their tours until mid-June, they then start up again in September when the weather is warmer. #seeaustralia #seesouthaustralia #eyrepeninsula #wildlife #adventure

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The Eyre Peninsula is full of unique wildlife experiences, one of which is to dive into the water with these playful sea lions who have all the boops and cuddles in the world to give you. 

5. We all need to take inspiration from this little one! 

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When you realise it’s almost the weekend💃 Meet Bliss, @thekangaroosanctuary’s resident Southern Hairy-Nosed #wombat, who likes to sleep all day and then gets the ‘zoomies’ when she wakes up at sunset, before partying all night – that’s our kinda girl! 😉 This #wildlife sanctuary at @visitcentralaus’s #AliceSprings is not only home to lots of rescued baby kangaroos and adult roos, but also two orphaned wombats, which are actually the only of their kind to be found in the whole of the @ntaustralia since this isn’t their usual habitat. They’re quite the lucky pair to be based at this special spot, which is open for guided sunset tours from Tuesday to Friday each week. #seeaustralia #NTaustralia #RedCentreNT #wildlifephotography #weeklyfluff

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Staying happy and doing your little happy dance helps a lot. And nobody knows that better than this southern hairy-nose wombat at The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs. Look at his moves!

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