Take, for instance, wildlife photography. 

Now, animals are just like us, doing weird things and making weirder faces. And sometimes, photographers capture them in those totally-weird times and the best of those photographs are awarded at the Comedy Wildlife Photography awards.

Here are 14 winners for this year, each one more adorable than the other:  

1. Help by Tibor Kerccz – Overall Winner 2017 

2. Animal Encounters by Jean Jacques Alcalay

3. Duck Speed by John Threlfall – Winner of The Kenya Airways’ Under the Air category

4. Mudskippers Got Talent by Daniel Trim

5. Eh What’s Up Doc by Olivier Colle

6. Slap by Troy Mayne – Winner of the padi under the Sea Category

7. The Laughing Dormouse by Andrea Zampatti –  Winner of the Alex Walker’s Serian on the Land Category 

8. Monkey-Escape by Katy Laveck-Foster

9. Caught In The Act by Bence Mate

10. Cheering-Sea-Otter by Penny Palmer

11. Hitching A Ride by Daisy Gilardini

12. WTF by George Cathcart

13. All Dressed And Ready For Church by Carl Henry

14. Must Have Three-Putted by Douglas Croft

Did you choose your favorite?

All Images Source: Comedy Wildlife Photo