We all have that one friend who is just weird. And you know which one. They just popped into your head when you read ‘weird’. Well, it turns out, this weird gene also extends to dogs. 


Meet Kikko, Sasha, Momo and Hina- 4 really cute Shiba Inus. When you look at their pictures, you’ll realise which one is the weird one.

Hint: Ruins every group photograph ever!

Hina clearly isn’t bothered by the prescribed look required for a picture. You be you, my dude. 

Well, well, well, Santa came looking for a bad boy!

Hina got to them. Finally did it. 10/10 made fart noises and silently let one out. 

We all know what happened to the other shoe and who did it!

That’s a sign that your dog is demanding your respect, BTW. 

Ah, the inevitable confrontation. The rest of them don’t look so pleased either. 

Only one of them actually got the joke. The rest are just smiling to be polite. 

Whatever it is, Hina didn’t do it. 

You can follow the four siblings on Instagram.

All the images have been sourced from Instagram unless stated otherwise.