What’s better than gushing over a bunch of adorable doggo videos to shake your pandemic anxiety, you ask?  Watching doggo BFFs having the time of their lives with each other.   

Roman and Spanky are brothers from another mother who have been each other’s best furry friends forever. In sickness and in health, there’s nothing they wouldn’t do to stay together. 

Don’t believe us? In an adorable video that has gone viral, Spanky in order to comfort his sick brother Roman, puts all his energy into dragging his bed towards Roman so that they could snuggle with each other. 

Eight-year-old Roman was in need of surgery. He had a severely infected ear and his ailment just made him more and more uncomfortable. But with his little brother Spanky on his side, being his personal cheerleader, Roman didn’t seem to be afraid of anything. 

According to their 29-year-old hooman, Jill Rogers, Roman is the tough, athletic one who knows all the tricks and loves to swim while Spanky is the playful, energetic goofball who loves to cuddle and turn himself in a blanket burrito.

The Dodo

Opening up about their inseparable bond, their hooman further revealed

From the day we brought Spanky home he was infatuated with Roman. He bonded with him so tightly and does not like to be far from him. 

-Jill Rogers


Usually, little baby Spanky, who is also a notorious bundle of joy, started getting gentle around his sick elder brother. So much so that, in his own way, Spanky started nursing and looking after his big brother while their hoomans were away for work.


In fact, the adorable video of Spanky shifting his bed to snuggle and comfort his elder brother Roman was also shot on a home camera when they were home alone. 


Thankfully, Roman’s surgery was a success!  Although he was heavily sedated post-surgery, he is doing much better with his little brother, Spanky by his side. 


Roman and Spanky with their love for each other are giving us some major BFF goals.