We’ve all seen pups with white, black, brown and golden hues but have you ever seen a pupper with lime green fur? 
Well, a white shepherd named Gypsy gave birth to eight puppies on Friday morning, in North Carolina, out of which, the fourth puppy emerged with lime green fur.

And, they named him ‘Hulk’ because of his unusual green colour and his aggressive appetite. 

Naturally, Shana Stamey, Gypsy’s human was freaking out after seeing lime green fur on the pup but, when the doctors said the pup was in good health she heaved a sigh of relief. 


Wondering, how did Hulk get his verdant color?

Experts say the liquid from inside Gypsy’s stomach likely stained the white pup’s fur during pregnancy that will eventually fade away within a few weeks with regular baths and daily licks from Gypsy. 


This cutie and his brothers and sisters are just six days old but, Stamey plans on finding ‘forever homes’ for all of them after they are about 8 weeks old.

Twitter was also pleasantly surprised to see this adorable pupper with lime green fur for the first time and this is how they reacted to the story:

If the makers of the Avengers are looking for a four-legged canine for their next film they know who to contact.