There are all kinds of unforgettable friendships in this world. But some of the best happen to be between humans and animals. No kidding. Who said different species can’t get along? Heck, even predators and children can. We’re all creatures of this world. It’s all about the emotions. And we witnessed plenty of heart-wrenching moments in the stories we came across, showing us how love really knows no bounds. If you’ve got a friend, he or she will have your back, even if it’s a cat, buffalo, tiger or dog.

1. Joao Pereira de Souza and Dindim the penguin

Dindim’s future friend, Joao Pereira de Souza, rescued him when he was famished, covered in oil, and almost dying. The man nursed the bird back to health ever so gently, before releasing him back to the wild. Ever since then, Dindim has travelled back to the coast of Rio de Janeiro to be with Joao for at least 8 months a year.


2. Mark Dumas and Agee the polar bear

Mark loves sharing his pool and bed with a polar bear. The not-so-gentle giant loves diving into water, wrestling, hugging and playing all day and night with her trainer man. Agee could kill with one bite but becomes a stuff toy whenever she’s with Mark. She spends all 365 days in their common home.


3. Kylie Brown and Snowflake the duck

When Kylie got a duck at 5, the two became inseparable at once. Kylie never leaves home without Snowflake and takes him for walks in the park, football games, malls, and almost everywhere a duck can (or can’t) go. They even celebrate occasions like Christmas together.


4. Iris Grace Halmshaw and Thula the cat

Iris was born with autism and found it difficult to even talk, let alone doing anything else. But when she was given Thula, everything changed. She now goes for bike rides and walks, swimming and boating, with her feline friend by her side at all times. And she chatters too!


5. Aspinall and Kwibi the gorilla

Kwibi remembered her first caretaker after 5 years in the wild. It was the most amazing reunion. When the guy arrived in the forest on a boat, Kwibi made an old sound of love and rushed to greet him. Kwibi spent the night across his camp and introduced Aspinall to his family. It was unforgettable and went viral.


6. Rudi Bunggal and Kabang the heroic dog

Kabang risked her life to save Bunggal’s 9-year-old daughter and a little cousin. She jumped on a speeding motorcyclist to stop it from colliding with the kids and lost half her face and jaw in the accident. Despite infection, Bunggal refused to have the brave hero euthanised and eventually got her surgery done.


7. John Rendall, Anthony “Ace” Bourke and Christian the lion

John and Anthony bought Christian from a department store. They raised the cub in a basement. He even played with the neighbourhood children. But after he was returned to the wild, the two went to the mountains to see if Christian remembered them. He did and jumped on them with joy you need to see to believe.


8. Gilberto “Chito” Shedden and Pocho the crocodile

Shedden, a local fisherman, found Pocho badly injured on a riverbank one day. Shedden took great care of Pocho and released him into a river, only to find him back in his veranda the next day. Since then, Pocho never left and chose to stay with his saviour forever. They later became really famous for performing as a duo.


9. Derrick Thompson and Kham Lha the elephant

Thompson runs the Save Elephant Foundation and helped rescue baby Kham Lha. One day, when he was swimming in a lake, he ‘appeared’ to be drowning when he actually wasn’t. But Lha rushed to her BFF’s aid and got to him as fast as possible, even offering her trunk to hold on to! It took Thompson a while to tell her everything was okay.


10. Breana Carsey and MJB the horse

Breana always wanted a horse. She almost felt motherly instincts for the animal and wanted to foster one at any cost. So, her father got her a foal from a “poor breeding stock”. But Breana believed her new buddy was meant for greatness and trained him till he started winning race after race. He’s now a champion, thanks to the girl who never lost faith in him.


Now, this is what you call friendship goals!