Imagine walking into a showroom to buy a brand new car and being greeted by the good-est, employee and salesman of the dealership.... a doggo.

I'm not messing with you. In a 'paw-sitive' heartwarming news, a Hyundai showroom in Brazil adopted a stray dog, Tucson Prime and promoted him to be a salesperson in the showroom. 

Yup, you heard that right folks! The newest member of the Hyundai sales family is an adorable doggo who with his sixth sense will help and guide you in buying the perfect car!

Tucson Prime used to love hanging out by the Hyundai showroom. This adorable furball made friends with the employees who further hired him into their sales family as an honorary employee!

And now Tucson Prime has his own ID card and loves to guard his dealership, every single day!

Source: Twitter

In fact, Tucson Prime has now become quite a social media sensation and with his own Instagram account, he has over 28,000 followers. 

His page uncovers the story of the hardworking employee who loves to attend meetings in exchange of cuddles and playfully greet the executives. 

The story of a former stray finding a forever home in a dealership that he loves and having his employees as his family is the most wholesome thing you'll see on the internet today!