I get it. You love dogs. They are all about love and loyalty, will always be by your side, and love you unconditionally.

I’ve heard all this before, but no matter what rewards being near a dog might fetch me, I can’t be near them. I don’t hate them, or find them horrible, 

And I don’t want to be hated just because I’m not on the same page as the rest of the world when it comes to dogs.

I don’t hate dogs, in fact, there are those I don’t even run from so often. But by and large, I feel like the apocalypse has arrived when they are around.

They just give me the jitters. They are so unpredictable. They will be sitting one moment and following you the next. And being followed creeps me out.


The earliest memories I have are of being chased by dogs. I am guessing that’s how I was introduced their kind.

Because to this day, every time I have knocked at a pet-friendly door, the dog inside has chased me away, teeth baring. I don’t know how, even then, people go, ‘Aww you baby.’ How?


‘Don’t be scared, he won’t bite.’ Well, you and I know that, but does the dog? How can you ask a person paralysed with fear to be okay?

Sorry not sorry that I don’t meet your expectations of zen-like calm. My mind is conjuring the nastiest images of what your pet could do to me. Can’t keep calm.


There have been times I have waited outside houses, come hell or high water, just because there was a dog inside the house. To all those who say they don’t get it, fuck you.

You’re the kind who just unleash their dogs on people, because you know nothing could go wrong.  Just like each of those non-vegetarians forcing people to try chicken, because they know it’s good. 


Stop forcing people like me to cohabit with dogs. Moments spent trying to look calm around them takes superhuman effort, living with them would mean coming home to your worst fears, every day.

I want no bravery awards. I want to overcome no fear. I just want peace and I can’t have that around dogs.

I have no problem with people who love dogs, neither do I support animal cruelty in any form. I, as a matter of personal choice, just do not wish to be around dogs.

You want them, have as many of them as you want. I, on the other hand, cannot be around them. It’s not hatred; it’s pure, unadulterated fear. So like I’m leaving you to love dogs, can you leave me not to?


It’s just that what seem like bundles of joy to you, look like hounds from hell to me. I have tried, but there’s just so much I can do – you carry on with your life, whereas I move on with mine. We both respect each other’s boundaries and move on – what do you say?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not ScoopWhoop.