Snakes aren’t exactly the most liked creatures around – they’re slimy, slithery, often venomous, and generally portrayed as a symbol of evil in every possible way. But hey, at least they’re delegated to the ground, right? Wrong!

In case you weren’t aware, there’s actually something called flying snakes in the world. The paradise tree snake can jump super-long distances, so yeah, the skies aren’t safe either.

This Southeast Asian snake launches its 3-foot-long body off treetops at a speed of 40 kmph, after which it undulates its body in the air – a movement that apparently enables gliding.

NY Post

Most snakes undulate on the ground to move, but these airy bois do it in the skies, and somehow, it still works. All they really need to do now is shout, ‘Parkour!’ every time they jump.

In fact, researchers have actually been studying these soaring serpents for a while now, trying to understand how they do what they do.

Reactions among the general population have not been as enthused however – it’s mostly been a mix of horror and apathy among the more jaded.

Thanks 2020, that’s another random fear i didn’t know I had.