Disclaimer: Disturbing information and images ahead. Reader’s discretion advised. 

In an absolutely gut-wrenching, cruel, and horrific incident, a man in Kerala tied his pet dog to his car and dragged it on the road, so as to abandon it in the wild. A passerby noticed the dog being dragged and confronted the owner, Yusuf, after which, the dog was released. 

FB/Daya Animal Welfare

Reportedly, the passerby, Akhil, also took a video of the incident and took the dog to a veterinary clinic, where its wounds were treated. 

When we confronted him, the man behaved rudely and asked us why we should be bothered even if the dog dies. He then freed the dog and drove away. A friend and I with the help of Daya Animal Welfare Association later tracked down the dog and took the animal to a veterinary hospital at North Paravoor. It had bruises all over his body. However, it is alright for now

-Akhil to TOI

Akhil later informed animal welfare organisation DAYA about the incident, which ultimately lodged a complaint against the accused and led to his arrest. 


To treat any pet with such cruelty is despicable, to say the least.