Indie breeds have always been the lesser choice when it comes to adopting a furry friend. People claim to be animal lovers but when it actually comes to picking out one for their homes, they conveniently forget about our own breeds.

But Chennai did the ‘unthinkable’ and totally tugged at our heartstrings. 

A dog show specifically for Indian dog breeds was held in Chennai — ‘The Great Indian Dog Show’.

The show was held by Blue Cross at Phoenix Market City. Blue Cross is an organisation that works towards animal welfare.

Over a hundred Indies participated in the show and walked the ramp. Each one competed to be the best ‘good boy/girl’.

Actor Amala Akkineni, who judged the show said,

“So fulfilling to see such well-kept animals. Such beautiful atmosphere that everybody is so proud of their pets. I had a nervous breakdown selecting the best in each category.”

Apart from the show, there were a hundred dogs up for adoption, out of which 35 found forever homes.

What’s more? No dog was forgotten. The diversity game was strong with this show.

These two handicapped dogs won everyone’s hearts when they walked down the ramp.

There were 28 titles and the judges and audiences picked out their favourites.

Bhadra, the pup who was thrown off a rooftop in Chennai a couple of years ago by two men won the most wagging tail award.

This show conveyed the message, ‘Adopt, don’t shop’, very well and it’s great to see them taking the initiative to acknowledge our own Indian breeds.