The stories coming from Ukraine are heart-wrenching as we see so many people struggling to make their way back home. But regardless of what the situation may be, we see people protecting and helping each other in war-torn Ukraine. 

Recently, Dr. Girikumar Patil from Andhra Pradesh’s West Godavari district refused to abandon his two pets and flee Ukraine.  


As per reports, Dr. Girikumar Patil is currently living in a bunker house in the Donbas region with two pet big cats – a jaguar and a panther.

I will never abandon my pets to save my life. Of course, my family is urging me to return. My pets are my children. I’ll stay with them and protect them until my last breath.

He went to Ukraine 15 years ago to study medicine and settled in Donbas as a doctor. Dr. Patil is also a Telugu YouTube vlogger and has acted in four Telugu films, which were not released. He has also made guest appearances in TV serials in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam.

Dr. Girikumar Patil has always been an animal lover since his childhood; he had pet dogs, cats, and birds while he was a child.

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Initially, when he moved to Ukraine with his brother, Ram, he wanted to pet a Bengal Tiger or an Asiatic Lion but was denied permission citing financial abilities to feed them. He claims to have the rare breeds of big cats and also a jaguar named Yagwar.

Reportedly, the jaguar species he has is the rarest in the world and there are only 21 such types and one with Dr. Patil. He has been looking after Yagwar for 19 months, and also bought another Black Panther, Sabrina, as a mate to Yagwar.

I used to take him on walks in the forest before the war. Those were the most joyful days in my life.
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Dr. Girikumar Patil has also helped many Indians get to buses to reach the borders, so they can easily go home to India. In his vlogs, he has urged people to reach out to him for help. 

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