Humans and dogs have co-existed since the beginning of civilisation. Every settlement had dogs adept to its needs and climate and so did India.

We have, however, become more inclined towards foreign dogs thus putting the native ones under neglect. Sadly, these awe-inspiring breeds are dying due to lack of proper care. There are so many names on this list that most people might not have even heard of.

1. Rampur hound

This lovely dog is a native of West Bengal and now found mostly in Northern India, between Delhi and Bareilly.


An actively working breed, Rampur hounds were a hot favourite among Indian maharajas. However, their utility has declined and numbers have dwindled in the recent past. They are at high risk of extinction.


2. Kombai

These friendly dogs are found in and around Tamil Nadu and are considered an extremely loyal, intelligent and powerful native breed.


It is difficult to find a purebred Kombai nowadays, as the importance of this dog has diminished. They are very alert, family dogs who love to play with children and enjoy human companionship.


3. Tangkhul hui

Strong and hairy, these huskies are found only in Manipur. They are stocky medium-sized dogs, with bob-tails and bat ears.


However, they remain uncared for and are now a threatened indigenous variety.


4. Kashmiri Sheep Dog/ Bakharwal

These mountain dogs are an ancient breed of working dogs found in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is bred by nomadic tribes as a livestock guardian dog and settlement protector.


However, a recent study says that this species is on the verge of extinction.


5. Jonangi

Looks are deceptive in case of these dogs, they look feeble but are very active. They are found majorly found in Andhra Pradesh. 


They are a one-man or one-family dog. They have long strides and are capable of covering very large distances. At present purebreds are rarely available.


6. Pandikona

These cute, short-haired dogs are found in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. 


They are not very popular and are just restricted to the native areas which might lead to their numbers dwindling.

7. Rajapalayam

Looking different than most, these dogs were the companions of the royalty and aristocracy in Southern India, particularly in their namesake town of Rajapalayam. 


The pure Rajapalayam is more or less extinct, and only a few are to be found in isolated pockets around southern Tamil Nadu.


The breed may vanish altogether if efforts are not initiated soon to revive it. 

 8. Chippiparai

Active and strong, Chippiparai is a sighthound dog found in the area around Periyar Lake. It is used primarily for hunting wild boar, deer and hare. 


The breed is rare in dog show circles and the blood line may be lost soon.


9. Taji/Tazi

As agile as they are beautiful, Taji is another sighthound dog with an athletic and strong built. It was used for the hunting of bare, fox, gazelle, wildcat and marmot. 


Now it is very difficult to find an original Tazi in India. 

10. Kaikadi

Famous for always being on their toes, Kaikadi dogs are athletic terrier dogs who make excellent watchdogs. Kaikadi tribes were using these dogs to hunt hare and vermin. 


Now, it’s almost impossible to locate original Kaikadi in India, the breed has been mingled with Indian stray and Pariah dogs.


Another breed called Dhangri or Maharashtrian Shepherd Dog makes a capable herder and hunting dog. However, the original species is believed to be extinct and the modern specimens are dismissed as cross breeds. There are in fact no images to be found.

Apart from these, there are so many other breeds that have already gone extinct. These include the Lut, Alangu, the Malaipatti dog and the Vaghari Hound.

It’s a shame to see these beautiful and well adapted dogs dwindle away to extinction.