An Indian engineering student’s viral video has created quite the buzz online. Rishabh Kaushik recently posted a video where he is refusing to leave Ukraine until his dog Malibu is also given the clearance to leave the war stricken country. 


Kaushik is a third year student from Kharkiv National University, who, in a video on Facebook, talked about not getting any clearance for the paperwork he’s been filling out for Malibu to leave the country along with him. The video was shared by SJA Alumni Association, Dehradun’s Facebook page, with a caption requesting for help regarding Rishabh’s unfortunate situation. 

Rishabh says that he has reached out to the Indian Embassy in Ukraine, AQCS (the government’s Animal Quarantine and Certification Service), an official at the Indian airport, but no one is responding to him, no organization or individual has given him an update regarding his query.


Kaushik says he’s been going back and forth with the said organizations and offices via e-mail, but the only thing he’s receiving is roundabout replies.

They are asking for my air ticket. How can I have an air ticket when the Ukrainian airspace is closed? 

-RIshabh Kaushik

Rishabh is currently residing in a bunker in Kyiv, in harsh and difficult conditions. He also says he would have been in India by now if the Indian government would have provided him with an NOC, as per the laws.


You can watch the entire video by him here. 

We wish Rishabh and Malibu a safe return to India.