Dogs are heavenly creatures. No wonder dog parents treat them like their own children and go to great lengths to spoil them silly. 

Well, we’ve got a good news for all those who love pampering their pooches. 

India’s first dog hotel just opened in Gurugram!

A luxury suite in the hotel named Critterati offers a huge bed with a velvet headboard, television and a private dog-flap leading onto a balcony.

A one night stay at this luxurious facility costs around ₹4,500.

The dogs can enjoy a bath in the rooftop swimming pool and also get a spa done with ayurvedic massage oils.

There’s a vet on 24-hour call available in the hotel and a medical unit with an operating theatre is being built.

Just one of the playrooms to make your pooch feel at home!

The hotel has a dog cafe that serves the most paw-licking delicacies. Here’s the entrance to the dog cafe, which serves both dogs and humans.

The menu in the cafe includes rice & chicken, muffins, pancakes and ice-cream, with bacon and vanilla, a particular favourite, all that can be washed down with non-alcoholic dog beer from Belgium.

Chief executive Deepak Chawla opened the hotel to provide dog lovers with an option to treat their pet to luxury. He told the Daily Mail:

Here things are quite different. It starts from 7am with potty breaks, then breakfast, then again a potty break, then play sessions for around two hours, then swimming sessions, then again play sessions, plus time in the café.

Seems pawsome!

All images via Critterati/Daily Mail/AFP