My name is Bear.

I was born on October 2018 in Vasant Kunj, Delhi. We were a litter of ten. 9 boys and 1 girl. I was the biggest and fluffiest one amongst my siblings. That's why I was named Bear. People told me I looked like something called a 'German Sheppa' or something. 

We made friends with this other litter and we would play together all the time. But as we grew a little older, we started getting bullied by the bigger doggies. We got naughty and would fight with each other too.

Then our hooman friends took us to PetFed Delhi so that we could find our forever homes with mommies and daddies who would shower us with love and cuddles. Lots of people petted me and told me I was the prettiest pupper. They picked me up and told me they wanted to adopt me. I was so happy!

But one by one, they all turned away. They didn't want me because I was a girl. I went back heartbroken.

Four of my brothers got adopted after that day, and I was really happy for them. But I got lonelier and lonelier. Was it my fault? Why couldn't I be a boy? Then someone would've loved me too, and taken me home that day. 

Now I am a big girl and it's getting a little difficult for the rest of us to get along. All the other doggos try to intimidate me but I don't like to fight. I want to spread only love and joy to everybody around me.

My hoomans even took me to the hospital to get me sterilised so that I can't have babies because the world has enough homeless pups like me already. It was a painful procedure and I couldn't move for several days after that. But if that is what it takes for me to be accepted, so be it.

I want to have a loving family because I have so much love to give. My hobbies include cuddling with my favourite people, using my beautiful big eyes to ask for belly rubs and nose boops.

If you want a good girl like me to become a part of your family, please send a mail to my hooman friends at [email protected]

I am a very good girl.