Doggos are quite popular on Instagram. George and Troja is one such account on Instagram that captures Troja’s adventures in the Norwegian Wilderness where he can be be seen exploring and roaming unwalked trails with his human companion, George. Oh, the pictures are just so pretty and inspiring. Check it out. 

1. Not all heroes wear a cape. 

2. Getting close to nature, like litreally. 

3. The king of the mountains.

4. Looking flawless even in the wind like it’s no biggie. 

5. Life mantra: Eat it, play with it, pee on it and move on. 

6. With a view like that, anyone would want to lay down and take in the beauty. 

7. When you love playing in the snow…

8. Awwie! Isn’t he the most handsome doggo ever?

9. No cold can outperform the warmth from a dog’s heart.

10. Sticks are so old school. Iceicles is the new trend. 

11. War face on. 

12. Stairways to treats? 

13. Oh, so majestic!

14. Salty kisses and sandy paws.

15. A Lion on the outside, a softy at heart.

16. Lickety lick!

17. When you realize it’s Monday…

19. A paw-five.

19. Silky hair, good looks and an adorable face.

20. Look at this poser!

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