How do you reward your well-behaved canine friend? By giving them a tasty treat! And some crazy dogs really take the biscuit and don’t mind if they get shot in the midst.

A German photographer Christian Vieler has been capturing the strange looks on the faces of dogs attempting to grab food in mid-air, since 2013 as part of a project Dogs Catching Treats.

This famished doberman’s peepers are as wide open as his jaws.

These hounds are almost ready for a kiss?

Not a single soul is getting in the way of this dog’s cheeky treat!

This one seemed startled to get his bounty!

The pooch is ready to pounce, his gaze fixed on the prize.

Pug, are you surprised, perplexed or happy?

For this cheddar-obsessed Jack Russell, it’s cheesy come, cheesy go.

After trying out a new camera on his puppy Labrador Lotte, the photographer started it by mistake, and he has now compiled the cutest images in a new book, Treat!

Some of the dogs are successful at catching their treats while others aren’t but both the scenarios are worth watching!

What do you think of these good boys getting their treats?