With so many social media platforms, finding new interesting accounts almost everyday is inevitable. Kuma.goro is one such Instagram account that is dedicated to the daily adventures of a cute, little fluffy bunny. Check it out. 

1. #Twinning

2. When posing is your forte…

3. Party ready. 

4. A book about me?

5. One kiss on your tiny paws coming up.

6. I heart you more.

7. When ‘adorable’ is your middle name…

8. When cute meets sweet.

9. Who wouldn’t want to play dress up with this cutie?

10. Enjoying a day out with my furry friend.

11. When you are diet conscious… #eatfruits

12. When you love eating your greens…

13. Cute is just an understatement. 

14. My weekend special menu.

15. When it’s your cheat day…

16. A bag full of surprises.

17. Can I please steal you away?

18. The ‘balancing’ act.

19. When you love the smell of fresh greens…

20. When posing comes naturally to you.

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