People are shit. We inherited a green Earth and we have run it to the ground. That said, every once in a while, we do tend to be nice, which gives me hope for our civilisation. To send some of that hope your way, we compiled a list of 20 events of human beings just helping some poor animals out. 

1. Might have just saved its life. 

2. This just melts my heart.

3. Just look at the little ones running to their mother.

4. FYI, this was dangerous for the people on the boat.

5. Holy shit!


6. OMG! That poor thing!


7. There might be hope for mankind yet. 

8. Actually, everyone should be doing this for strays. 

9. My man actually went back. 

10. These are rare, rare moments.

11. Absolute legend for doing that!

12. This is so cute. 

13. Oh, you don’t see that every day!

14. The Australian wildfire killed so many of them!

15. Going that out of your way to protect some animals is truly commendable. 

16. Just so you know, we kill more sharks than sharks kill us. Like way more. 

17. Everyone loves some dolphins!

18. Holy mother of God! Look at the size of that thing. 

19. Even without the music, you know those people had their hearts in their mouths. 

20. Definitely saved the little bugger’s life. 

This makes the day slightly better.