Working from home definitely has its own set of perks. You don’t necessarily have to bathe before sitting down to work and you can go online as soon as you wake up. 

But, in this whole scenario we are also getting to learn new things about our families and co-workers that we probably wouldn’t have learnt otherwise.  

Take this story for instance. 

Recently, a Reddit user posted a picture of Fox 4 meteorologist, Evan Andrews’ dog, Penny, lounging on a tiny, dog-sized couch on Monday during a broadcast, leaving the internet in ‘awe.’ 

The weather man dog had a small dog couch from r/aww

In the picture, that’s going viral, Penny can be seen behind Andrews, sleeping in a comfortable position on her sofa with her head resting on a bone-shaped pillow. So cute!

More than anything else, the internet was amazed to see Penny’s cute little furniture. When Andrews was asked from where he managed to get this tiny couch, during an interview with the Newsweek, he said:

We got the couch about the same day we all started working from home. As soon as I got the couch, the dogs fell in love with it. I’m like, ‘I’m putting it in the back of the shot,’ because everybody’s got their Emmy’s in the background. So I’m putting the couch.

The Reddit user who posted this picture said, it was the best thing he had seen on TV and, we totally agree with him on this. While some people on were fascinated with Penny’s fancy tiny couch, others on were mildly jealous of her luxurious life.

Apart from Penny, Andrew also has two cats, another dog and a tortoise at home who give him company and keep him entertained all day long. 

He also stated that he lets them roam around the house freely in the background and that’s what he likes the most about working from home. “You never know what’s going to be in the background of every shot” he says.  

Oh, and in case you are wondering, you can find Penny’s tiny couch on

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