Everyone with a furry baby has had this question on their mind — “How long can I leave my dog alone at home?”

While some are known to be a little too overprotective towards their four-legged buddies, others have a more organised and practical approach to this question.

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First of all, it totally depends on how old your dog is. Age plays a huge role in deciding the amount of time a dog can be left alone on its own at home.

Puppies below the age of six months should not be left alone at home at all. Reason being since they are still in the nascent stages of mental development, it can be tricky for them to cope with the loneliness.

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Usually, a dog above the age of eighteen months can be left on its own for up to six hours a day as they are much more aware of their surroundings. Dogs of this age are also used to doing things on their own and that makes it easier for them to spend some alone time.


However, a dog’s personality should be taken into consideration while doing so. Some dogs can conveniently enjoy long naps when their parent is away, while some who suffer from separation anxiety can get a little tensed.

If your furry buddy is comfortable being left alone for six hours, you can increase the period of time by up to eight hours a day without any hassle. 

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Another vital factor to be taken into consideration is how well trained your doggo is. Trained canines adapt to being left alone much better as compared to dogs who are used to being pampered all the time or suffer from anxiety.

So, if you’re a parent to an anxious/spoilt furry baby, leaving them alone for longer periods of time might not be a great idea as they won’t deal with it in a healthy manner. 

However, if the situation demands and you have no other option but to leave your anxiety-stricken dog alone for a few hours, make sure everything is arranged according to the dog’s convenience. 

Things like easy access to peeing spots and sufficient drinking water should be kept in mind. 

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On the other hand, well-trained dogs react quite comfortably to being left on their own. You can also judge this pattern in your dog’s behaviour when you’re at home with them.

If your dog doesn’t necessarily cling to you when you’re at home and is fine with being alone it will do just fine when left on its own. 


Another important thing to keep in mind is your dog’s bathroom habits. If your dog has a fair sense of bladder control and/or has specific pee timings, leaving them alone shouldn’t be a hassle. 

However, if your dog is one to incessantly pee around the house when you’re not around, it could also be a sign of separation anxiety. But if the same pattern continues even when you’re at home, then your doggo just needs a revision lesson in bathroom etiquette. 

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Apart from determining your dog’s behaviour and personality, it is your responsibility to make sure that all things are organised in regard to your pet’s comfort and convenience.

Just because your pet can hold its bladder doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide them with some way to release themselves. A balcony or the bathroom should be in the pet’s reach in case of emergencies.

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A generous supply of drinking water should be available for your dog at all times while you’re away. Adequate hydration is one of the most important things for your doggo and every pet should have easy access to it.

The dog should be properly fed in accordance with the number of hours it will be left alone. If your pet has a sense of knowing when its stomach is full, you can leave food in its bowl and it will eat accordingly. 

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It is also very important to make sure your dog’s safety is given proper attention. All doors and windows which can pose a threat to your dog’s safety should be kept shut. Though, no such doors should become an obstacle in the dog’s movements around the house.

If you prefer that your dog should remain in a specific area in the house, make sure it has access to proper bathroom spots and a comfortable bed with adequate lighting and ventilation. 

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Make sure to abide by these guidelines and your doggo will be a happy furry buddy.