The earth can satisfy a man’s need but not his greed. 

With global warming and raised levels of pollution, we’re already dealing with adverse effects of interfering with the environment. It’s a well known fact that the quality of air, water and availability of other natural resources has downgraded immensely compared to past several decades. And if we don’t stop now, we may soon invite our own doom.

Despite that, there are many practices that are selfishly followed to fulfill human greed. Like an annual whaling activity in Japan which involves hunting of hundreds of whales every year.

Why? Well, Japan calls it scientific research.

In November last year, a Japanese whaling fleet set out for the Southern Ocean with an aim to hunt 333 Minke whales, despite opposition by Australia and New Zealand. The fleet, consisting of 5 ships, returned a few days ago. A press release by the agency describes the activity as “Research for the purpose of studying the ecological system in the Antarctic Sea”.

Minke whale meat is being consumed by the Japanese since centuries. It was back in 12th century that whale hunting began in Japan and during the 20th century, the commercial whale hunting was at its peak. But in 1986, the International Whaling Commission imposed a ban on commercial whaling and even Japan signed the agreement.

But despite the ban, Japan has been evading the moratorium citing scientific research provision in the agreement. Not only this, it claims that it is trying to prove that the whale population is large enough to sustain a return to commercial hunting.

Can it get any more insensitive?

Japan has consumed whale meat traditionally and it’s been a major source of protein for the people post-World War II, when the country’s economy was struggling. But mass hunting of this innocent sea-mammal in the name of scientific research is nothing but sheer insensitivity on its part towards environment. 

In the words of Kitty Block, the executive vice president of animal protection charity Humane Society International:  

“Each year that Japan persists with its discredited scientific whaling is another year where these wonderful animals are needlessly sacrificed. It is an obscene cruelty in the name of science that must end.”

What are we doing to our animals?