Meet Jasper, the adorably ‘spooky’ cat who has become a sensation on Instagram. 

And, the reason I said ‘adorably spooky’ is because this hairless kitty has no eyeballs. Here’s a picture of him. 

But, he wasn’t always like this. This is how he used to look earlier. 

As you can see, he his missing both his eyes but, there’s a heartbreaking story behind it. He was adopted by Kelli when he was two years old and was in good shape. 

However, in 2013, Jasper was diagnosed with corneal ulcer in his right eye which became so bad that there was no other option but, to remove it. 

Unfortunately, a few years later, he ended up with corneal ulcer in his left eye too. By the looks of it, he’s definitely been through a lot but, he is still a super happy kitty. While talking about the diagnosis, Kelli said:

The cause is unknown, which is unfortunately common, but it means it wasn’t caused by any of the awful things that we know can cause one.

He’s 12 years old now and has fully recovered. Of course, he can’t see so, he’s a bit more cautious when he walks but, he’s adjusting well. 

This ‘hairless and eyeless wonder’ has now become quite popular on social media for his unique appearance and we have to say, he’s quite an entertainer. 

Jasper has become somewhat of a cult figure. Kelli, in an interview said:

I get art of him all the time, and at least five people have gotten him tattooed on them, and that’s not including me! It’s wild, but so, so appreciated!

Can’t get enough of him already? Okay, here are some more pictures of him being cute, cuddly and funny. 

Despite looking different from the rest, Jasper’s adorable personality and cuteness has won the internet’s heart and ours too. 

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