When it comes to animal-related jobs, the first thought that strikes people is becoming a Veterinarian. 

But there so many other exciting jobs that you can take up if you love animals and going conventional is not your thing.

Animal Job

Here, we have listed some of them:

1. Dog Walker

Job and family commitments make it difficult for people to take their beloved dogs on walks. This is where dog walkers come in. Their job is literally to take the owners’ dogs for a walk for as many times as they want. This could be a single dog or many.

TBH, I’d give money to do this job.

2. Pet Sitter

As the name suggests, the job of a pet sitter is to take care of loveable pets when their owners are out of town, or can’t take care of them for some reason. You don’t need any formal training for this job, love for animals is the only criteria. How purrrfect!

3. Animal Cruelty Investigator

The job of an animal cruelty investigator involves obtaining search and seizure warrants, finding animals who are facing cruelty and removing them from the respective properties. Additionally, they also play a part in transporting animals, and working with law enforcement officials.

4. Animal Photographer

As an animal photographer, you can either work with pets or wildlife animals. Either way, it will involve a lot of travelling and spending time with animals. Wildlife photography will obviously mean you will have to go to forests and other places which are their natural habitat. Pet photography, on the other hand, is more comfortable but you will have to take care of animals and make sure they are not left hurt or petrified in the process. 

5. Pet Groomer

People are really particular about the looks of their pets, these days, and the job of the groomer is making sure the pet is groomed and styled in the best way possible. You’d be surprised to know how popular and well-paid the job is. Even though there are no strict educational requirements for this job, a diploma will always help. 

6. Wildlife Rehabilitator

This noble job involves rehabilitation of sick, injured, orphaned or otherwise displaced animals to their natural habitats. This obviously requires specific skills as well as knowledge of legal permits and licenses.

7. Conservation Officer

A conservation officer does patrolling of wildlife areas like parks, forests, and lakes to make sure that the people visiting these places are following the rules laid down by the authorities for the well being of animals. A degree in wildlife biology and conservation will help you, if you’re planning to do this job. 

8. Veterinary Acupuncturist

As the name suggests, a veterinary acupuncturist’s job involves giving acupuncture to animals. The job is gaining popularity as people are focusing towards natural ways of curing animals. The practitioner should be a licensed veterinarian who has additional training related to muscle physiology, anatomy, and acupuncture techniques.

9. Animal-Assisted Therapist

Humans’ best friend in many ways, sometimes animals are used by therapists in order to help their patients. They come up with activities that can help the patients recover from their conditions.

10. Animal Caretaker

Animal caretakers work at places like kennels, pet stores, and veterinary clinics and take care of animals living or staying there. While some places will ask you for a proper course in the field, most just require love for animals and experience. 

Most of these jobs can be taken up alongside your day job, so willingness and dedication is all you need to help our furry animals.