What if I told you that there are bigger party animals than you, and they are these ‘party animals’? These doggos are just having the time of their lives. Now aren’t you are just itching to make some plans of your own?

This birthday is way better than any bash I’ve ever thrown.

This doggo’s little picnic birthday party is just what was needed. 

He looks like he’ll be the life of the party.

When you have to share your birthday party with your sibling, but they’re your BFF!

Doesn’t she look like a real-life princess?

The best birthday parties are themed ones! Look at that cute little hat!

She’s a little too excited with her cake, and honestly, we don’t blame her. 

What’s a birthday with birthday cake? And some candles to make it even more special!

This girlie’s second birthday party is perfect with all her friends in attendance!

A dapper boy switching it up with the party hats. 

Isn’t her little hat just the cutest?

This birthday party looks like so much fun, we’re having major FOMO. Even we want puppichinos!

He is so excited you came to his party that he can hardly stand still for a photo.

This birthday girl can have her cake and eat it too. 

Another big birthday bash with the whole gang!

This dog is dressed to the nines, all set for some groovin’. 

A chill, low-key scene at home, and this doggo is the happiest. 

Chucky has his priorities right: food. 

A pool party for a birthday? Where do I sign up!

It’s Mabel’s third birthday! Doesn’t she look pretty in pink?

A sunny day is perfect for a birthday bash, don’t you think?

A flamingo party hat? A cake?? Best birthday ever!!

Every year, her parents throw a delightful birthday party! Can you feel the love?

This young poodle looks like he has had a crazy night! 

‘Cause the best birthdays are in Disneyland!

Neika the Husky turned 2, can we be a part of these celebrations already?

Just a peek into what’s inside those goodie bags. 

That anticipation between getting dressed for your birthday and waiting for your friends to turn up. 

Should I DM this to my friends to give them an idea about what I want for my next birthday?

If only our birthday parties were half as much fun as these.