Need to take a break from all the work and stress? Fret not, we have the perfect stress buster for you. These videos and pictures of cute, adorable, and affectionate animals will keep you entertained and take away the blues.

1. When adorable meets playful…

2. When you meet your bestie after a long time…

3. In a happy ‘moo’d.

4. Chasing sunsets. 

5. When you are happy and you know it, wag your tail. 

6. Running away from my responsibilities like…

7. Purrrrrrrr…

8. ‘Lick’ of love.

9. When laziness takes over…

10. It’s playtime!

11. It’s a crime to be this adorable.

12. Snow + playing fetch = happy doggo

13. One nose rub for one generous wag. 

14. This goofy little pooch has my heart. 

15. Waggy, waggy…

16. Trying to overcome obstacles in my life like…

17. Who knew baby goats could be this cute!

18. Enjoying the face massage and all the pampering.

19. The happy expression says it all. 

20. Vacay mode on. 

21. Just a bunch of happy faces. 

22. DND mode on. 

23. Cuteness alert!

24. Having a bad day? This munchkin will definitely put a smile on your face.

Aren’t they adorable?