Shivappa Yellapa Maradi, a resident from Karnataka’s Tukkanatti village, threw a grand party for his doggo Krish and bought a 100 kg cake for him to cut. He also invited 4000 people to the celebration as everyone sang happy birthday to Krish. 

How far would you go to profess your love for your doggo? Well, a man from Karnataka went a little overboard for his dog’s birthday. Read on. 

The video from the celebration has gone viral on social media as we see a giant cake spread across the table. Krish the doggo is seen standing at the centre with a purple cap, and Mr. Shivappa is seen cutting the cake. 

While some praised this gesture, others rightly fully pointed out how the doggo is manhandled with such loud music in the background. I think so many people feeding cake to him may not be a good idea. That said, here’s what netizens have to say:

The loud music must have scared him too. What do you think?

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