This lockdown has been hard for a lot of people, but sometimes we do forget that it’s hard for the animals as well. 

But Kerala High court did realize it and allowed a cat owner to travel after he fought tooth and nail to provide for his pets during the coronavirus lockdown. 

The cat-owner and petitioner N Prakash who has three cats filed a writ petition in the Kerala High Court asking them to grant permission to purchase Meo-Persian biscuits for his 3 cats.

Initially denied a pass by the Kerala police, N Prakash moved the High Court just so his cat babies don’t go hungry.

He adorably fought tooth and nail so his kitties don’t suffer in lockdown.

In the writ petition, the cat daddy mentioned that since he and his family are vegetarians and non-veg food is not cooked in his house, one 7kg packet of ‘Me-O Persian’ would be sufficient for the cats for three weeks.

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He also stated that under Sections 3 and 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, right to get food and shelter is a guaranteed right for domesticated animals. 

Twitter too found this adorable. 

The high court sure did avert a catastrophe.