Your pets are your life and when it’s time to let go, it can be as painful as losing a cherished family member. Photographer Ross Taylor captures this intense pain with his series, ‘Last Moments’

An old couple can be seen sobbing uncontrollably at the passing of their dog.

Unable to look, the owner asked,

“Is he gone?”

To which she was told,

“He has his wings now”

Heartbroken owners mentioned how they tried their best but ultimately, this option was the only one left.

“I tried to do more, I tried to do all I can. But they said there’s nothing more I can do.”

Crying, the owner Bob Zahn said,

“She’s going to take it harder maybe than the loss of her parents. Your parents can tell you when something is wrong, but your dog can’t. She’ll be a mess, today, tomorrow and the next few weeks. She loved him.”

Another owner mentioned how there’s just never enough time.

In disbelief, Juliet said she felt the safest with her dog, Dingo. 

“I hate this. I hate this! I love you, I love you. Soon, you’re going to be free again.”

Dingo was soon put to sleep.

The tender moment was captured by the photographer, where the family was sitting, sobbing quietly in memory of their dog.

To keep his memory alive, they even took a print of his paw.

The owners find it difficult to stop themselves from crying. Talking about his companionship when the husband was serving, Rebecca Cassity said,

“She’s always been my companion. Coco was there for me when he was on deployment.”

A difficult vision, seeing your beloved pet euthanised can be gut wrenching, but sometimes, this is the only way to release them from the suffering and the pain. 

Shadow, Jennifer Hoch’s cat was suffering from cancer and was put to sleep. The owner can be seen in a state of shock.

“I don’t feel so good right now”

Darcy Jones along with her dog’s doctor spend their last moments together in the sun.

Upon being asked if they’re ready, Wendy Lehr said,

“I don’t know if we’ll ever be ready, but I guess it’s time.”

The couple hold each other for comfort at their dog’s passing.

The family get together to pet their dog for the last time, before he is put to sleep.

“It was heartbreaking watching as Asia performed its last duty.”
“It’s tough saying goodbye.”

Carrie Peterson after she dropped sunflowers over the grave of her dog, Asia.

All of these images broke our hearts, over and over again. Our prayers go out to the people who lost the happiest member of their families.