Warning: Disturbing images ahead. Viewer discretion is advised.

Human beings apparently want to be the only ones occupying the planet. There have been repeated incidents of animal cruelty nowadays.

Recently, we had come across an incident of a mouse being tortured for stealing grains. In a similar fashion, in fact, taking it a notch higher, a man force fed wine to a rat and then burned it.


The incident took place in South-west China where a man, Mr Shi, tortured a tiny rat after he caught it stealing his bread.


According to the Daily Mail, the man tied the mouse up to a plastic mesh board. After that he forced it to have Baiju, a rice wine with more than 50% alcohol.

While doing this, he yelled at the rat:

‘Look at you, not leaving a drop of wine to me, drink it up!’ 

He then showed the rat a piece of bread. The rat was trying to twitch and move as the man kept torturing it.


However, he did not just stop there, after feeding him with wine, the man set the mouse on fire and let it burn to its death.

‘See how you ate the bread! Now I see how you like it with a bit of fire!’

The man apparently filmed the whole incident while performing it. According to the video released by Pear Video, the rat had its four limbs strapped onto a mesh panel.


He even went on to record a selfie video justifying his actions, saying ‘rats are vermin that everyone catch them and beat them’.


It is hard to even comprehend what goes on in these people’s minds.

You can watch the whole video here.