We've seen dog influencers, cat influencers but have you ever seen an insect influencer? Meet 'B', the first ever insect influencer who is taking social media by storm. The busy bee posts pretty photos of herself traveling, posing and relaxing at some of the most exotic locations in the world and we are jealous.

When you are living the life of your dreams...

Good looks! Good looks and good looks. 

Oh, that confidence is just unmatchable! #Bigfan

Even I got important things to do.

When you love pampering yo-self...

Painting is my hobby and I am pretty bee-tastic at it.

What a pretty view!

But guess what, she is doing all this for a good cause. This tiny, fuzzy little creature was created by Fondation de France to help raise funds to save the bees. With this, she hopes that brands around the world will help her in raising money to save her kind because they are in dire need of help.  

Weekend beenge-watching in progress. 

Nothing better than reading in bed, on cold winter evenings.

Hoomans, keep your flowers in the balcony. We might just drop by.

Yoga gives me peace of mind.

Some call my legs hairy, I say fluffy.

When the weekend is coming...

According to reports, 24% of bees die in Europe due to increase in agricultural activities every year. Wondering, why this is important? Well, as pollinators, bees play a vital role in our global food system. Without their existence, food would be scarce and many ecosystem wouldn't be able to survive. B says that protecting bees means protecting the planet and the humankind and she wants all of us to support her in this cause. 

Challenge accepted!

In my favourite place, taking a power nap.

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