Hello, travelling Instagram doggos, Gary The Cat has arrived to bless your timelines. This five-year-old rescue cat is magnificently beautiful with an amazing Instagram feed. This floof ball has the best poses and his pictures will literally take your breath away.

From hiking to exploring beautiful sceneries, this cat is living a life better than ours.

Back when Gary was just a teeny tiny kitty.

A star is born. 

But soon, I became a big boi.

I love to travel but sometimes the snow ruins my fur.

This is my brother, Duke who’s my forever protector.

I’m the happiest when I’m out exploring the world.

The royal ‘tales’ of my travel diaries.

Swinging my way to your feed.

But sometimes, I get tired being so claw-dorable.

But I know how to get my groove back on in no time to look sassy on my adventures.

Don’t confuse me with Lennon.

The cat is not out of the bag. 

I can’t be perfect all the time, okay?

JK, I’m the best.

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.