You can never doubt a dog’s loyalty. Our furry friends never fail to prove their faithfulness to their masters, even in the face of acute danger.

They can sense when things are wrong and jump in as shields before you know it. Like Lucky did for his caretaker, Sumathi Devendran.

It all began with a fight between a man named Vyankatesh and his sister-in-law in Mumbai’s Sion-Koliwada slum. The tiff quickly escalated to violence. In no time, the man was chasing the woman with a knife.


As she ran to her neighbour, Sumathi’s house to seek help and shelter, Lucky stepped into the terrifying picture. The women found themselves cornered but the brave canine was set to save them. This is what happened next in Sumathi’s words,

 “Before I realised what was happening, Vyankatesh walked in brandishing a knife. As Rosy ducked behind me to escape from Vyankatesh, Lucky jumped to my rescue. He started barking crazily and stood between Vyankatesh and us. When an enraged Vyankatesh lunged at us with the knife, Lucky sunk his teeth into his ankle and clung to it,” Sumathi told Mumbai Mirror.

Lucky managed to chase the man away but was gravely injured in doing so. He had taken the stab meant for his owner and started bleeding heavily. The wound was fatal; he breathed his last within minutes of the attack.

Lucky became a hero whose life might have been unfairly cut short but ended with a noble deed that’ll be remembered forever. It’ll be very difficult for Sumathi to cope with her sudden and tragic loss though.


After her mother’s death, she had adopted Lucky from the streets only a year ago to fight sorrow and loneliness.

“He gave away his life for me. I want Vyankatesh to be punished.”

As of now, Vyankatesh has been arrested and released on a bail for Rs 5,000. That’s not even close to enough for the murder of someone’s support system. It is just because the victim is an animal?

But Lucky’s soul is now immortal. He saved Samathi when he met her and he saved her again when he left her.