Devoting your time and energy to helping others is a noble thing to do. However, when you’re doing it for someone who can’t help themselves speaks volumes about you as a person.

Stray dogs and cats have always been a part of our life. Some of us live in harmony with them, some don’t. But there are some of us go out of their way to make sure they’re well taken care of.

And this woman is living proof of that. Rama Sampath, originally from Chennai, and now a resident of Mumbai, dedicatedly feeds around 175 dogs and 65 cats every morning.

A manager at NABARD, Rama spends a significant chunk of her salary into feeding the strays, along with the help of a feeder who charges her Rs 11k per month.

The cost of feeding the dogs go as high as Rs 55,000 per month and an amount of Rs 12,000 is spent on cat food.

Apart from making sure that the poor souls don’t starve, she also devotes her time in helping injured strays and getting them sterilised by seeking help from various animal welfare NGOs. Fortunately, due to her kind nature and the years she has devoted in helping out her furry friends, NGOs offer her a discount or sometimes, even do it for free.

Unfortunately, because human beings can’t live in harmony, she is at the receiving end of a lot of unnecessary criticism by people who don’t want her doing such noble work. They have gone as far as intimidating her so that she is no longer able to help the animals.

The people feel that feeding the strays disturbs their ‘neighbourhood’ without realising that the animals are also part of the same.

Rama will be retiring in the year 2023, and will no longer be able to financially support her good cause. Luckily, a fellow animal lover, 24-year-old Shantanu Wali, has been trying to help Rama’s good work get recognised so that she can get the help she deserves.

Rama wants to continue doing this for the rest of her life and would need all the monetary help she could. If you or anyone you know share the same compassion for animals, you can donate to this noble cause here.

As a fellow animal lover, I urge you to help out Rama as much as you can so that the animals continue being fed and their well-being doesn’t get affected.