When it comes to killing harmless animals, our society is reaching a new low, every single day. 

A recent example is a man who kept kicking a 2-month old puppy till its intestines came out.


The man in question is 30-year-old Abhishek Ingle, a resident of Manav Sena Nagar near Seminary Hills in Nagpur. 


Not just that, Abhishek also abused and assaulted Karnika Pandey, who lives in the same society and was taking care of the puppy because it had a leg injury. 

Abhishek took this disgusting step just because he didn’t like the puppy staying in the society!


According to a report in The Times Of India, Karnika, who contacted animal activist Aparna Modak, said:

Abhishek took away the pup in his car and despite my repeated attempts, his mother did not give me his telephone number.

Aparna was coming to the society along with fellow-activist Dinesh Zile when they spotted Abhishek kicking ‘something’ around 11 p.m. 

Dinesh told TOI:

On seeing that the person was repeatedly following the action, I stopped the car and turned back. But the person, who I later identified as Ingle, fled. The object he was kicking was a pup which was dead and lying dismembered.

A police complaint was lodged against Abhishek who was arrested soon after. However, he was released on bail for just ₹15,000.

As a society, we really need to think about where we’re headed!