In what can be called a truly unique case, a puppy was rescued last month by Mac’s Mission, a Missouri-based pet foundation. 

What was unique about the puppy was the little tail growing from his forehead, which made him a viral face across the internet. 

Fox News

After a month and 7000 inquiries, Narwhal has finally been adopted.

However, the beagle-mix puppy was not given away to anyone inquiring about him.

The rescuers were skeptical after receiving a lot of hate comments and death threats since Narwhal’s story went viral. The tail on his forehead was called a sign of Satan by many. 

So ultimately it was decided that he’ll stay with his valiant rescuers at the Missouri rescue group. 

The reason given by the rescue group was that they could not vet and assess the 300-odd applications received for Narwhal and that it would be risky to send him to a completely unknown house with an untrustworthy individual. 

NY Daily News

Doggo-lovers on Twitter hailed this news. 

The mission first shared photos of Narwhal back in mid November and the internet was quick to fall in love. 

The post has since garnered thousands of likes and shares.