Well, meet Nawab Tyagi, a Siberian Husky who along with having an Instagram account that can easily give you wanderlust, is alsoย Indiaโ€™s first paraglidingย pet. This good boi right here, is truly the real MVP of travel goals and I am already his fan.ย 

Take a look at this video.ย 

Let me ask you this, how often do you come across a video where a doggo is casually paragliding 6500 feet above the ground and is acting all cool about it? Close to none, right?ย 

This cutie travels with his hoomans Rohan Tyagi and his wife Himshi and also joins them on their adventurous trips.ย 

The reason his hoomans named him Nawab was because they got him from Hyderabad, which we all know as the land of Nawabs.ย 

We got him from the land of Nawabs, Hyderabad, to Delhi on a flight.ย 

Nawab came into Rohanโ€™s life when he was only 35 days old. But, he shot to fameย when a video of him paragliding in Manali went viral on social media. (Yeah, the same video mentioned above.)

Now, heโ€™s fondly known as the first dog in India who went paragliding with his hooman. Quite a daredevil! Rohan Tyagi in an interview withย Mumbai Mirrorย said:

It happened in June 2019. I was not scared at all, and neither was Nawab. We paid special attention to his safety.ย He was tied to three parachutes and was quite calm when we took off.ย 

Nawab Tyagi thoroughly enjoyed the view from the top and was happy looking down at the picturesque landscape.ย 

We achieved the feat at 6,500 feet above the ground.

Though paragliding is not the only adventurous activity that Nawab enjoys indulging in. According to his hooman, he loves rafting, skiing and basically everything that his hoomans do. How cool is this doggo!ย 

He has more than 10k followers on Instagram where he keeps his fans updated with his latest adventures and trips.ย 

He loves the outdoors and he also loves all the attention he receives. Just look at this poser! (Heโ€™s got better posing skills than most of us.)ย 

When Nawab and his hoomans arenโ€™t on vacation, they love spending quality time with each other by lazy around in the house and staying in bed.ย 

Next on Rohanโ€™s agenda is to take Nawab on a hot air balloon ride.ย 

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